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Welcome to Chickadee Design & Graphics Blog

Design tips and tricks for your invitations, signs and prints!

Thanks for stopping by Chickadee Design & Graphics. We're located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our blog will provide you with design tips and tricks for your invitations, signs and prints. With our advice you'll be able to select just what you need for your prints to stand out and look polished.

Why Chickadee?

Before I continue, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Kristyn and I own Chickadee Design & Graphics. I also design all of your projects. Chickadee is able to give you solid advice for your print needs because this is what I love! Besides loving what I do, I have my degree in Multimedia and Design. I also have years of experience in the sign industry, which makes me an expert on just about everything print!

Let's Chat!

If you're ready to learn more about what we do or get a project started, send me an email or text! or 814.969.6225

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